Candidates must pass the NATA national examination for admission to the undergraduate architecture program. The test assesses candidates' aptitudes for a certain field of study by examining their drawing, observational, proportional, aesthetic, and critical thinking capabilities.

The test consists of two pieces: a drawing exam on paper and a multiple-choice online test comprising questions from the physics, chemistry, math’s, and general aptitude sections.

The website you are on is appropriate if you are considering a career in architecture. This article teaches you everything about Chandigarh's finest NATA coaching centers.

You can get NATA Aptitude Test practice papers from a reputed NATA coaching center to gain problem-solving skills,

Who Are Eligible for the NATA Exam?

To be eligible to apply for NATA, candidates must have acquired a 10+3 diploma from the central or state government with at least a 50% overall grade in any stream. Math is a requirement for the NATA exam. Students must have passed the SSC/10+2 exam or an equivalent test with at least a 50 percent total mark. The test has a three-hour duration and 200 possible points. Filling out the NATA's online application will allow those interested in registering.

BRDS Chandigarh, NATA Coaching Institute in Chandigarh

Bhanwar Rathore Design Studio (BRDS) is a leading coaching institute in the disciplines of art, design, and architecture. In addition to other programs, they provide top-notch courses in NID, NIFT, IIT-UCEED, IIT-CEED, NATA, and CEPT. You can enroll in weekend programs, 10-day refresher courses, crash courses, summer coaching, online courses, and vacation programs.

Most students for NID, NIFT, IIT-UCEED, IIT-CEED, NATA, and CEPT seek BRDS as compared to other coaching facilities in the country. It is among the top NATA coaching centers in the country. It ensures acceptance into one of the top 5 architecture programs in the country.


  • Offers weekend programs to help you stay on track even on weekends.
  • A wide variety of national and international books and journals on design topics are available in the well-organized library at BRDS for use in preparing for admission exams.

Shiv Ansh Art and Coaching Academy

Shiv Ansh has been a coaching center offering top-notch NATA training and guidance for 40 years. The school focuses on providing NATA coaching for admission to B. Designs and M. Designs programs. Shiv Ansh Art Coaching Academy, a renowned NATA coaching center in Chandigarh, also provides training for the JEE Advanced, NATA, NIFT, NID, NIFT PG, CEED, NID PG, and UCEED exams.

Shiv Ansh Academy likes to put effort to prepare each and every student to become a successful professional in architecture, art, and the fashion industry. Rather than focusing solely on teaching, coaching emphasizes various aspects of each NATA subject to ensure the student gains proper understanding.


  • Ensures that pupils have printed notes so they don't miss any vital information.
  • Offers doubt sessions to clear up all students' doubts and uncertainties.

TCCI, a Best NATA Coaching Institute in Chandigarh

TCCI, founded ten years ago, is one of Chandigarh's top NATA coaching centers. TCCI offers NATA, NID, NIFT, UCEED, B.Arch, CEED, and BFA coaching. Their faculty is knowledgeable since they are professional designers and fine arts and architecture teachers. They have worked in architecture for a long time and can help students enter the field with their experience and professional journeys.

In addition to coaching classes, TCCI offers short-term online courses, mentorship, counseling, calligraphy, art and craft classes, and classes in other creative media. Thanks to these hobby classes, they'll stay active, upbeat, and busy.


  • It separates students into small batches to provide the best learning environment and personalized attention.
  • Prepares students for design, architecture, and fine arts entrance exams with a 100% acceptance rate to top colleges.
  • Provides permanent instructors to teach the curriculum for GK, aptitude, and creative skills, including drawing, coloring, and crafts.

Qrio Studio, NATA Coaching Center in Chandigarh

Qrio Studio is a tuition center for design and architecture entrance exams for popular design colleges in the country and outside the country. Qrio Studio is a well-liked NATA test coaching institute in Chandigarh. With the help of NATA Sample Paper, you can become an expert at solving NATA questions. 

They offer creative mentoring and training to prepare their students to rock the design entrances. It can offer quality education because a talented group of designers, engineers, and architects established Qrio Studio.


  • They show the highest rate of selection in top architectural colleges.
  • For NATA exam preparation, the faculty offers up-to-date study materials.
  • Offers modern, innovative classrooms for students to learn more effectively and enjoyably.

Ravinder Sharma Art Academy, The Best NATA Exam Coaching Center in Chandigarh

Anyone looking to paint, create, hone their artistic skills, or begin a career in art, design, and architecture can benefit from Ravinder Sharma Art Academy. The innovative learning environment provided by the Ravinder Sharma Art Academy greatly benefits the students. Ravinder Sharma Art Academy was created in the year 2017. It offers great coaching for exams like NIFT, NATA, UGC, BGA, NID, and TGT.

In order to help aspiring artists and designers gain admission to prestigious art, design, and architecture colleges, they have experienced instructors who are alumni of prestigious institutions. In Chandigarh, they have been pioneers in NATA exam coaching.


  • Organizes workshops to help students understand art, design, and architecture better.
  • Offers foundational programs to polish your fundamental abilities.

Final Thoughts

Lastly, you should know that if a student plans to study architecture, the NATA exam is a requirement for admission to any institute or university in the nation that offers a B.Arch degree. Any Institute/University providing a B.Arch degree program will consider a candidate for admission with a qualifying score in NATA. Join a reputed center for NATA Coaching Classes if you think you are weaker in NATA subjects.