For many small businesses and startups, the check printing process is arduous and time-consuming for employees, especially if they have other job responsibilities while managing payroll duties. Maintaining such an extensive process can be expensive, and there are many opportunities for mistakes, some of which can prove costly in and of themselves. 

It takes a specific set of skills and dedication to facilitate proper payroll procedures, and even larger businesses may find that it is less expensive to outsource their check printing to a third-party agency rather than attempting to maintain a full-time payroll staff and dedicate such a significant amount of time to these duties rather than activities which increase profitability and grow the business itself. 

If you are still determining smart check printing solutions and whether a third-party agency is the right choice for your business, here are some considerations to help you decide.

Reasons Why You May Find Outsourcing Beneficial

There are many benefits to outsourcing your check printing process, some of which can significantly impact your bottom line and even improve relationships with customers and partner businesses. Some aspects of outsourcing to a professional agency explain why so many companies use their services rather than printing in-house. 

Reduced Costs

Even if your agency can afford to host its own payroll department, these procedures require a certain degree of skill and are not immune to human error. Quality check-printing companies live and breathe all aspects of this process, so they are adept at performing these responsibilities in record time with fewer mistakes. 

A significant reason for this is that they often employ state-of-the-art technology to ensure that the process goes smoothly and is free from mistakes that could cost your company significant expenses from situations such as lost or incorrect checks or those sent to the wrong party. 

In fact, most outsourced check printing firms take extra precautions so that each check reaches its intended recipient. They often perform address correction procedures with the United States Postal Service to determine whether database addresses are correct and if they are still the current residence of intended recipients. 

Enhanced Security

Another side effect of proactive address verification is that there are fewer opportunities for identity theft or fraud because fewer checks are going to improper addresses. Even an upstanding citizen can be tempted by opportunity, and when checks arrive at residences with new owners, this poses a security risk. 

Furthermore, check printing agencies know all the ins and outs of security features for the checks themselves and use various methods, including controlled paper stock, chemical sensitivity, thermochromatic ink, watermarks, and micro printing to dissuade fraud while increasing authenticity for your company's checks. 

They also engage in safer mailing practices in addition to address verification to reduce opportunities for those with nefarious intentions to abuse checks or take advantage of your business accounts. Moreover, they protect their computer data with top-of-the-line security programs to ensure that sensitive data is safe at the source. 

Automated Procedures

Time is money, and third-party check printing agencies are adept at automating procedures, making it easier than ever to handle bulk mailings and recurring checks. They also have a variety of software integrations that make it possible to customize check printing for non-standard procedures so that they are efficient and accurate no matter the situation. 

Plus, with such experienced workers, they know all the pitfalls and common errors that can happen, even with automation, so they can double-check and verify accuracy to ensure that any mistakes are at an absolute minimum. This results in mailings occurring on schedule and arriving correctly at their intended destination. 

Vendors and staff receive their payments promptly and as expected, which has the beautiful side effect of improving those relationships and encouraging additional business opportunities and more satisfied employees. 

Customization Options

With high-end technology at their beck and call, outsourced check printing companies can do more than improve security measures. They can also customize your checks to serve as an excellent representation of your brand, establishing templates that fit your needs and are aesthetically pleasing. 

A professionally designed, high-quality check speaks volumes as to the character of your business and encourages others to trust you and continue to do business with your organization. In addition, memorable checks make a statement, helping your company stand out from the rest. 

Your outsourcing agency can offer ideas and suggestions to help you determine the best course of action for check design, including the aforementioned security precautions, to ensure that your checks are suitable and respectable representations of your company's caliber. 


Even if you'd rather have your own in-house department, outsourced check printing companies can serve as consultants to help teach your team better ways of completing tasks and more effective procedures to ensure the best results. If you have a team already in place, they can evaluate their work processes and counsel you on improving productivity and reducing errors. 

Suppose you have a new team or are planning to hire one. In that case, these experts can help you outline a plan to get them started, including onboarding and training, so that each member understands their role in the process and can complete their job responsibilities to the best of their abilities. 

Even once your team is rolling, you may encounter unusual circumstances or technical difficulties you are unsure how to handle. When that happens, you can count on your third-party professionals to help you troubleshoot, resolve the specific problem and find ways to prevent similar circumstances from happening in the future. 

The Bottom Line

If you do not have the budget for your own payroll and check-printing team or wish for those employees to be able to focus on other responsibilities, you may want to engage the services of an outsourced check-printing agency. 

In so doing, you can take advantage of reduced costs and enhanced security for your printing needs while enjoying their expertise to customize your checks and establish automated procedures to minimize how long the check-printing process takes. 

Even if you want to avoid a third party printing your checks, they can serve as invaluable sources of information, helping troubleshoot difficulties and preparing your team members to perform their duties accurately and efficiently.