Whenever possible, you should purchase try before you buy bras. The fit and feel of the bra are essential to your ongoing comfort. Too many women buy bras without considering the slight differences between brands and styles. To ensure you get the most comfortable bras, make sure you are considering several crucial characteristics.

The characteristics of the bra will depend on what you need from a particular style, but some traits to consider include fabric, padding, wires, and strap style.

1. Comfortable Fabric

You can find bras that use several fabrics, from polyester to cotton. The best bra material is usually a preference. That said, many women prefer cotton or microfiber bras.

Cotton is a soft and reliable material. Women trust cotton for most everyday wear needs. Microfiber is also soft, but it is a lighter-weight material, making it perfect for warmer months.

The best fabric is one that is comfortable to you. For some women, the preferable fabric choice changes with the seasons.

2. Padding Versus No Padding

Bras can be found either padded or not padded. Padded bras are excellent options for adding volume to your breasts. Non-padded options are best for maintaining the natural shape and curvature of the breasts. Many brands suggest having a couple of each type of bra for various occasions.

Padded bras also give more support than non-padded options. That said, padded bras are usually marketed to women with smaller busts. Still, women need to select the bras that make them feel the most comfortable and confident, which may be against industry-standard advice.

3. Wired or Unwired

You can also purchase wired and unwired or wireless bras. Wired bras offer significant support and contribute to the overall shape. Even a comfortable wireless bra may not provide tremendous support.

Wired bras are the standard option for women with larger breasts because they offer the most support. For those with smaller breasts, a wireless option might be more comfortable.

The decision is personal and might include trying several options to find the right fit. Talk to a retail professional to learn about the pros and cons of each type of bra.

4. Type of Strap

Women know there are many types of bra straps, and each offers a different level of comfort. The primary strap designs include:

  • Adjustable straps
  • Sports bras
  • Halter straps
  • Convertible straps
  • Strapless

The strap selection depends on the occasion and personal preference. Each strap design has pros and cons; it can help to talk to family and friends to find a suitable option for your needs. That said, it is often best to have a variety of bra options that include various strap types.

You can use a bra size chart or a bra sister size calculator to help you find the best bra for you and your activity level. Talk to a sales professional or someone specializing in women's undergarments and lingerie. You can ask them about measuring breast sizes for the best-fitting bra. With the help of a professional, you can likely find the most comfortable bra.